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I have been away from this blog for a while, exploring new and exciting life avenues.  I’m returning now to create a more useful tool of scientific understanding and hopefully a fun outlet for intellectual discussion for my blog followers.  To start, I have decided to post a regular discussion series, called Science-Mindedness, about scientific understanding to help anyone who is interested (myself included) to develop a better understanding of science and scientific thought, and to answer/ponder scientific questions that you may have.  I hope to encourage the development of rational, logical thought and how to consciously use it.  I would like to hone our skills in identifying logical versus illogical thoughts, provide avenues for finding scientifically-credible resources, and help everyone come to a better understanding of how scientific information is generated.  I will do my best to provide objective, open-minded dialogue, but keep in mind that all people have biases.  That said, biases do not inherently invalidate people’s perspectives, and remember that we (as both a society and as individuals) consider many ideas and people to be credible.  Identifying, acknowledging, and trying to reduce biases is an important part of any scientific discussion, and is an ongoing challenge for any good thinker.  Ideally, we will interact as a community looking to better itself through this blog, where readers post responses and have discussions spawning from post topics.  The public nature and small viewership of this forum may sometimes cause interaction to be small or absent.  Regardless of community input, I’ll press on, hoping to, at the very least, provide an interesting perspective to read.  For the time being, I will strive to post at least one series update per month.  Relevant and constructive questions, comments/discussions, wildlife identification or other requests are always appreciated, and I will address those that are either made on the website itself or sent to cflbiologist”at” as often as I can.  Also, if you have blog/science topics you would like to see discussed or would like to write a post yourself, contact me at the above email address or post a comment on the blog.  Look for the first science discussion topic soon!

A photo of one of my many, "mad scientist" faces.

A photo of one of my many, “mad scientist” faces.